Legacy SME B2B Community
Legacy SME B2B Community

We're creating a space for driving Small & Medium business growth!

Create the growth, impact, and LEGACY you seek for your Small or Medium B2B Company!

What is Legacy SME B2B Community?

The Legacy SME B2B Community is aimed at Business Owners and Leaders of established service-based small and medium companies providing their solutions and offerings to other businesses.  The focus is on Service-based companies as their issues and challenges are often distinct from companies that are product focused.

A Deeper Dive Into Our Community

Create the growth, impact, and LEGACY you seek for your Small or Medium B2B Company! 

As the CEO, building and growing your company is very much YOUR journey. However, you need not go it alone.

By joining the Legacy SME B2B Community, you will gain the confidence, clarity, and direction to develop the right strategy and action plan for YOUR business.

When executed, you WILL acquire and retain those target/ “dream” clients you seek enabling you to at least 10x your revenues


Do you have great ambitions for your company but are struggling to achieve them?

More likely than not a key reason inhibiting you and your company from reaching their true potential is because of some of the fallacies (false beliefs) in your head which is driving how you run your business.

In the Legacy SME B2B Community we will help you change your view regarding several  common misbeliefs holding you back and by enabling you to understand why :

  • B2B Marketing is NOT mainly about tactics including Advertising, LinkedIn, and Lead Generation
  • Getting a meeting and making the pitch is no longer enough to drive your B2B Sales and overall business growth
  • Innovation is not only for big or technology companies but something EVERY small and medium business can and MUST do to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive and crowded markets
  • Going after every opportunity or whatever comes your way to pay the bills can not only impede your company’s growth but ultimately damage your business
  • CEOs should not always be the focus of your Business Development activities

We will then work together to help you discover the opportunities and path forward for your business.


The strategies and approaches that you will learn in the Legacy SME B2B Community and adopt for your business are not simply theoretical frameworks and concepts developed by experts.

The methods and approaches put forth are based on the LISTEN INNOVATE GROW B2B Framework –developed from over 25 years experience working with a range of Small and Medium Sized B2B companies globally, observing and recognizing the challenges growing companies face.

The strategies, ideas, and tactics that you will learn are current, leading-edge approaches adapted for small and medium businesses operating in today’s complex, competitive and rapidly changing B2B markets.

Here is what other SME CEOs have said about adopting the strategies and approaches you will learn as part of being in the Legacy SME B2B Community

Our sales and business development activity had been predominantly word of mouth and social media activities. By working with Michael and adopting the Listen Innovate Grow approaches, we have improved the identification of markets we could approach as we develop our sales and growth strategies. Kobi Simmat, Group CEO-Best Practice Group

Prior to meeting Michael, I had no concept of the differences between B2B and B2C. My idea of marketing was flashy advertising. I never imagined it was so much more. 

By engaging with Michael, I have been able to develop a B2B strategy for our local government partners as well as the schools and sporting organizations that use our venues and services. Before engaging with Michael, I would not have been able to do so and as a result, I had been alienating a section of the market. Stan Wall, CEO of Lifeguarding Services Australia


Do you have those “dreams”/ if only clients you know your company could serve well and could transform your business…your life? However, you don’t even know how to get on their radar let alone gain them as a client. And even then once you do, how do you effectively manage and maintain them?

 With the Legacy SME B2B Community you will not only learn and be given guidance as to how to acquire and retain such B2B clients, you also get support while doing so.

Make the seemingly impossible—a reality!!!


 Through the offerings in the  Legacy SME B2B Community, we will help you break through the barriers that impede many Small and Medium Business leaders seeking to succeed in today’s highly complex and competitive B2B markets including:

  • Lack of confidence as to the RIGHT strategy to move your business forward
  • Lack of clarity as to which growth opportunities to focus on and how best to pursue them
  • The frustration of spending 1000’s (and or even tens of thousands) of dollars on various B2B marketing and lead generation tactics with little to no results
  • Industry and market conditions have changed with more competition and disruption. As a result, your business is “flat-lining” somewhat as previous approaches that provided success are no longer working
  • You are wearing so many “hats” working across so many areas IN the business that you have no time to work ON the business
  • Feeling isolated by being a business owner trying to “do it all” on your own juggling the many competing priorities—in your business AND in your life!
  • Overwhelmed with all of the information that you are bombarded with that you feel you should be reviewing and evaluating to help grow your business but simply have no time to do so


  • Where you combine strategy with insights and action to create real, tangible results
  • A respectful, distraction-free place to learn, grow, share and connect with others that share similar values and ambitions
  • A repository of insights, knowledge, wisdom, support, and inspiration from people you will come to know, like, and trust
  • Where you come to develop the skills and confidence that will serve you well to address your goals and ambitions for your business, your community…your life!
  • A welcoming non-judgemental group where you can safely and freely discuss both the highs as well as the lows, challenges, and fears of being an SME business owner/leader


Monthly LIVE Mastermind/Group Huddles (90 mins)

Each month you will spend an hour with Michael Haynes, SME Business Growth Specialist(or a nominated guest expert) to learn a key concept and/or strategy to empower you to develop and implement your B2B growth strategy.

This will be followed by a Mastermind session whereby members will have the opportunity to share a key challenge or objective to gain feedback from fellow community members

24/7 Access to the Legacy SME B2B Community Network

You will have access to a global community of high-integrity and knowledgeable professionals at your fingertips anytime you need recommendations, advice, support, and/or encouragement.

Quarterly Virtual Events

Each quarter Virtual events will be conducted comprised of:

  • “Deep-dive” Masterclass on a key topic of interest nominated by members
  •  Guest speakers/experts to share their insights
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • A bit of fun and networking too!!!         

Access to the Legacy B2B Growth Strategy “Vault”

            As a member of Legacy, you will have access to the repository of resources to help you with growing your SME in B2B markets including:

  • Recordings of Monthly Mastermind and Group Huddle Sessions and Events
  • Strategies/Approaches for B2B Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Business Innovation, and Business Growth
  • Templates, Checklists, and Videos to help you develop and execute your strategies
  • Resource listings and recommendations to support your business(and personal development) endeavors

Invest in Your Business….Yourself…Your Legacy

 Join the Legacy SME B2B Community 

Legacy Membership

 $100 per month

 Monthly Workshops and Mastermind Sessions 

24/7 Private Global Community

 Quarterly Virtual Events (feat Guest speakers, Roundtables “Deep Dive” masterclasses)

 Exclusive Access to the Legacy B2B Strategy “Vault”

Legacy FAQ’s

What kind of Small and Medium B2B Companies Does Legacy Cater For?

The Legacy SME B2B Community is aimed at Business Owners and Leaders of established service-based small and medium companies providing their solutions and offerings to other businesses.  The focus is on Service-based companies as their issues and challenges are often distinct from companies that are product focused

How much time must I spend with the Legacy Community?


I recognize that SME business owners and leaders are extremely busy and time-poor.

The Legacy Community is structured to enable you to get maximum value from all events which are generally conducted in relatively small time frames.

Monthly Mastermind and Group Huddles are held once a month for 90 minutes.

Quarterly events will run for no more than 2-3 hours.

Recordings will be made available for all Mastermind and “Deep Dive” Masterclass sessions

Why are You charging a Membership Fee, unlike other communities?

The Legacy SME B2B Community is indeed unlike other communities.

You will be receiving training on current leading-edge strategies and approaches designed specifically for Small and Medium Businesses. In addition,  you will be getting additional resources and support to help determine and implement the right strategies for your business. You will be gaining access to peers and experts from different industries as well as from around the world—thereby providing unparalleled access to diverse thinking and perspectives that are needed to help drive business growth

What happens if it is not for me?

Joining the Legacy SME B2B Community is an investment in yourself and your business that will create exponential rewards for years to come.

I strongly believe that you receive much more in value than what you pay for your membership. Therefore, if you do not feel 100% satisfied that you have received more value than what you paid within 60 days of becoming a member, your fees will be refunded.

What Happens After I Join?

Immediately after joining you will receive an email with your access to The Legacy SME B2B Community on Mighty Networks

When you log in, you will be greeted with a Welcome Video which outlines initial steps such as setting up your member profile, introducing yourself as well as advising you about upcoming events.